Benefits of Facebook for Businesses - (2023)

  • Facebook is the largest and most recognized social media network worldwide, making it an excellent entry point for businesses looking to develop their social media strategy.
  • Of all the social networks, Facebook exposes your business to the broadest audience and offers the most comprehensive set of business tools.
  • Facebook’s business tools help you build your online brand, create meaningful connections with customers and potential employees, and increase overall productivity.
  • This article is for small business owners who want to generate brand awareness and create meaningful connections through Facebook.

In recent years, some studies have shown that Facebook can be detrimental to mental health. While spending too much time on the social networking site can be harmful – and the company has historically been terrible at protecting your data – Facebook does have some redeeming qualities for businesses and professionals, especially when used in moderation. In fact, Facebook is one of the best ways to use social media for your business.

Here are 10 ways Facebook can benefit your business and career.

1. Facebook can help build your online brand.

Your online presence is more important than ever as consumer interest in mobile and social media shopping continues to grow, and Facebook may be your best opportunity to get in front of customers near and far.

With Facebook’s over 2.9 billion monthly users, according to Statista, no other social network can offer your business a matching level of potential exposure. As the largest and first social media network to achieve mainstream success, Facebook offers the most integration tools compared to other platforms, including follow buttons, account logins and photo sharing. These tools can lead customers back to your business website and other online content you want to highlight.

Did You Know?

Facebook’s reach and structure make it the most useful platform if you want to reach an older demographic.

2. Facebook forms professional bonds between competitors.

One of Facebook’s overarching goals is connecting people, whether it’s old friends, current acquaintances or those looking to meet new people. While not every interaction on Facebook is helpful, there are specific instances when its sheer number of users can be beneficial.

Jo Trizila, president and CEO of TrizCom Public Relations, uses Facebook for business and personal improvement. Trizila joined a group of fellow PR professionals in the Dallas area. The group members, who agreed not to steal business from each other, collaborate by sharing tips and advice, such as what reporters to pitch to, insurance policies to consider, and software to implement. All information shared with the group stays in the group.

“It truly has been a blessing to meet, collaborate and share thought leadership with my colleagues,” Trizila said.

These PR professionals put their egos aside to help each other and improve the quality of the PR industry in the Dallas area.


To understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and to find areas where your business can improve, consider conducting a competitive analysis.

3. Facebook can change preconceptions.

Certain careers carry negative stereotypes. People working as lawyers, politicians or used car salespeople can be seen as dishonest just because of their job. Facebook can help defeat these stereotypes.

“Attorneys are often seen as distant and a bit aloof from the general public,” said Kevin Patrick, owner and founder of Kevin Patrick Law LLC. “To me, though, the key to developing business is making a personal connection. People want to feel like they are human and not just a case number. Facebook has been a great way of making those personal connections.”

Patrick posts content that differs from most law firms. Because he shows who he is and who his employees are, potential customers are more willing to work with the company.

“For example, my law firm page doesn’t include the typical ’10 things to do if you have been in a car accident,’ but rather, we focus our posts on ways we have served the community, such as making meals for the homeless and other volunteer activities,” Patrick said. “For one, it’s the right thing to do, and two, it has helped create a level of trust, and it leads to new cases.”


The best online reputation management services can monitor, build, and maintain your business’s online reputation, and even repair negative perceptions of your company.

4. Facebook can help you find top job candidates.

While a problematic social media persona may eliminate some candidates, Facebook provides direct access to everyone who follows your brand. This visibility can attract the best potential employees to your company.

Post job openings on your Facebook Business Page so people who would be excited to work for your company are the first to know there’s an opportunity to join. If they aren’t looking for work, they can use the “like” and “share” features to notify other qualified candidates who might be interested.

Regularly monitoring your Facebook Page can also help you adopt a more focused, proactive recruiting strategy. Check to see which customers engage positively with your brand. Do they post pictures or posts that showcase your product and service? Do your homework and reach out; you might convert a passionate fan into one of your best assets.


If your company has a brand ambassador program and you’re currently recruiting, see if any ambassadors are seeking employment.

5. Facebook can increase productivity.

While many argue that social media networks only distract employees, the opposite may be true. When employees take breaks to do something that interests them, they tend to be happier and more productive. If employees enjoy a quick break to check the Facebook News Feed and feel more connected to friends and family, they may be more relaxed and focused when they get back to work.

“Short and unobtrusive breaks, such as a quick surf on the internet, enables the mind to rest itself, leading to a higher net total concentration for a day’s work and, as a result, increased productivity,” said Brent Coker, researcher and lecturer in the management and marketing department at the University of Melbourne.

6. Facebook facilitates lead generation.

Facebook implements lead generation templates directly into its Ads Manager, the portal and hub for creating Facebook ads. These ads can send customers automated messages through Facebook Messenger and then analyze the response, helping you discover what the customer wants in a relatively straightforward process.

For small businesses, this tool is a helpful asset for generating leads without constantly monitoring Messenger or Facebook on the desktop and responding to spam accounts or soft leads.

The automated conversations make it easier for companies to connect to target customers, understand their interests, build an email marketing contact list, and convert prospects into paying clients.

Another key feature on Facebook for small businesses is its Book Now appointment-booking tool. Book Now can integrate with a business’s calendar system and help customers book appointment times or demos when they’re available.

If customers schedule appointments through Facebook, assuming the calendar is accurate, this process can save companies time by reducing the number of phone calls to book appointments or time spent monitoring an online booking system. A handful of automated messages can make the process more straightforward than someone manually scheduling appointments.

After customers book their appointment, they’ll receive a calendar invite and information, directions, and instructions.


When using Facebook’s appointment-scheduling feature, keep it up to date with any other scheduling application you have, such as Microsoft Bookings, to avoid the risk of double booking.

8. Facebook’s keyword search function helps you find people or content.

Facebook’s keyword search feature makes it easier and faster to find the most relevant content when you need it. It lets you search all types of posts – status updates, photos, videos, news articles and more – using simple keywords, just as you would for a Google search.

To find information on a person, business, event or subject, users type in a simple keyword or phrase, and relevant information will appear. This process makes finding information on a business partner or network connection easier, even if you only have limited information.

9. Facebook offers digital marketing and conversion rate optimization.

Facebook helps users contact and get information directly from businesses through a series of specific buttons on Facebook ads. These features help users communicate directly with small businesses in as little time as possible.

From a business perspective, these features allow companies to expand their reach to new clients, making it easier to convert them with the click of a button. With buttons, businesses can customize their call to action (CTA) based on their communication styles and conversion goals. These CTA buttons include Call Now, Get Directions, Send Messages and Shop Now, among many others.

10. Facebook Pay makes it easy to get started with e-commerce.

If you want to start selling online through a Facebook shop, Facebook Pay is a straightforward way to jump into e-commerce and start accepting payments. When you sign up for Facebook Pay, it’s easy to link it to your Facebook shop and include it in your payment arsenal.

Anyone with a Facebook account can use Facebook Pay on Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram to buy almost any type of goods and services. When your shop offers Facebook Pay, you’ll have access to many customers and give them an easy way to pay and a speedy checkout process.

Facebook Pay is free to use for consumers and businesses.


Ways to promote your business on Facebook include creating a Facebook Page, posting consistently and forming a Facebook Group.

Why Facebook is valuable to businesses

Facebook is a social media networking site that allows users to connect with friends, family, co-workers and others, including groups of people who share similar interests. Users can share pictures, videos, articles and opinions with their friends.

To get the most benefit from Facebook, business owners should understand how it differs from other social networks. When social media networks were first launched, they focused on individual expression. However, Facebook prioritized relationship-building to foster an interconnected online community.

A Facebook Business Page can be an effective small business marketing tool. Here are some of its benefits.

  • Connections: Businesses can connect with their customers and target audiences to share updates on hours, sales and promotions, new product offerings, pictures of merchandise, and more.
  • Easy notifications and sharing: People who follow your Page receive an instant notification when you post new content. With one click, they can share it with people in their network or a select group of friends.
  • Messaging: Customers and followers can comment on your posts and Page and send you direct messages.
  • Customer engagement: A Facebook Page can help boost customer engagement. Engaging with followers and answering their questions can immediately elevate a prospective shopper into a loyal customer.
  • Visibility: Even followers of your brand who don’t share your updates are public endorsers because their connections can see the brands they follow.

Other social networks may have different purposes. For example, Twitter lets businesses share news or short written blurbs of up to 240 characters. However, Facebook has developed the broadest set of business and networking features. Its feature set exposes businesses to a massive community of consumers and allows brands to engage with shoppers in unique ways.

Sean Peek, Chad Brooks and Jordan Beier contributed to the writing and research in this article. Source interviews were conducted for previous versions of this article.


What is the benefit of using Facebook for business? ›

A Facebook page serves as cost-effective exposure for your brand. It's a direct way to connect with current and potential customers. You can reach your target audience simply and efficiently. It allows you to have a mobile-optimized experience.

What are 3 benefits of Facebook? ›

You can connect to the world and get all the information by just signing up on it. ➨You can find and invite your friends to connect. ➨You can share each and every moment of your personal life with all your contacts. ➨It provides an interface where you can chat with all the people you know.

What are three primary uses of a Facebook business page choose all that apply? ›

Which campaign objectives is most relevant? What are three primary uses of a Facebook business page? Connect with customers, connect with potential employees, and have an online storefront foe the business.

Do I really need Facebook for my business? ›

In short, Facebook profiles are for personal use to share experiences and content between friends and family. Since you wouldn't want to share your personal information with your customers or blur the lines between a business Page and a personal profile, making a separate Page for your business is essential.

What are some reasons to have a Facebook business page rather than a personal page? ›

8 Reasons Why a Facebook Page Is Better Than a Personal Profile for Branding
  • Ease of Getting Followers. ...
  • Ability to Add a CTA Button. ...
  • Flexible Management With Multiple Page Roles. ...
  • Access to Analytics. ...
  • No Restrictions on Creating Multiple Pages. ...
  • Selling Products With Facebook Shops. ...
  • Easy to Embed.
Apr 19, 2022

What is one of the major benefits of Facebook lead? ›

Lead Ads allows for highly targeted segmentation, like interests, demographics, and more. This means that the leads you acquire from your Ads are already highly qualified for your product or service.

Why Facebook is the best platform to advertise? ›

There's plenty of people to market your products to. Facebook advertising is highly targeted - You can target your audience by location, age, gender, work, income, political affiliations, interests, behaviors and other factors. Use the Custom Audiences feature to reach your target audience safely and privately.

Does Facebook offer good benefits? ›

Facebook Work/Life Balance

You will also receive 21 annual leave days and access to mental health programs. Moreover, full-time Facebook employees are eligible for a 30-day paid time off every five years. New parents are also eligible for four months of paid parental leave, allowing them to bond with their children.

What should a Facebook business page have? ›

10 Must-Haves for Your Facebook Business Page
  1. A profile picture that represents your brand. ...
  2. An engaging cover photo. ...
  3. A verification badge. ...
  4. A custom URL. ...
  5. A thorough About section. ...
  6. Engaging, consistent posts. ...
  7. Videos. ...
  8. A call to action button.
Sep 20, 2022

How do I use Facebook for business only? ›

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create account.
  3. Enter a name for your business, your name and work email address and click Next.
  4. Enter your business details and click Submit.

Does it cost money to use Facebook for business? ›

How much does a Facebook business page cost? Just like Facebook profiles and groups, you can set up and use a Facebook business page for free—regardless of how many followers or likes you have. Even if you spend money on Facebook Ads, there's still no charge for the organic aspects of your Facebook business page.

Does it cost money to have a Facebook business page? ›

Facebook Pages are a free tool for businesses that can help you grow your presence on and off Facebook. Here's what you need to know and do before you create your business Page on Facebook: Pages offer several benefits and features that can help your business.

How much does it cost to use Facebook for business? ›

The cost to create a Facebook Business Page: Free

That's right. The cost for setting up your new Facebook Business Page is zero dollars. All you need is a personal profile on Facebook and a business.

What is the difference between a normal Facebook account and a business account? ›

If you don't want a personal Facebook profile, you can sign up for a business account, specifically designed for people who want to manage advertisements and pages without having a personal profile. Business profiles have limited access to personal profiles and cannot communicate with them, except when using a page.

What is the difference between Facebook page and business page? ›

Simply put, a Facebook Business page represents a business or brand and showcases the services it provides. On the other hand, a personal page represents a singular social media user and is used to share updates about the user's personal life and to connect with friends and family.

What is the difference between a Facebook profile and a business page? ›

Profiles are for personal use, Pages are for businesses, organizations or any commercial use. You can set up a PAGE with your personal account, but after you log in with your personal account you should go to ACCOUNTS -> USE FACEBOOK AS PAGE to manage your page as your business.

What are the five benefits of Facebook marketing to a marketer? ›

  • Reach a Wide Audience.
  • Audience Transparency.
  • Psychographic Targeting.
  • Competitor Targeting.
  • Variety of Ad Formats.
  • Keep Your Existing Audience Engaged.
Aug 22, 2020

What are 2 benefits of using Facebook? ›

Comparison Table for Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook
Direct connection with the audience / target groupCan cause addiction
Speedy dissemination of informationCan disrupt sleep
Useful for EducationRisk of cyber bullying
Useful for marketingCan lead to insecurity and feelings of jealousness
3 more rows
Apr 18, 2022

Why are Google ads better than Facebook? ›

Choosing between Facebook Ads and Google Ads will come down to your company's audience, industry, and business goals. Typically, Google Ads are better for making sales, while Facebook Ads are better for building brand awareness and connecting with customers.

What are the core values of Facebook? ›

Facebook's five professed core values — as described on its website and in a letter from chief executive Mark Zuckerberg in the prospectus filed ahead of the company's initial public offering — are as follows: be bold; focus on impact; move fast; be open; and build social value.

What are Meta benefits? ›

Meta employees can join and create employee clubs to build connections with others at the company. Financial benefits include tax consultations, legal support for employees and their parents, and complimentary Turbo Tax access.

What are 3 negative effects of Facebook? ›

If you recognize any of them as issues in your own life, it may be time to reduce your usage or even stop using social media altogether.
  • Depression and Anxiety. ...
  • Cyberbullying. ...
  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) ...
  • Unrealistic Expectations. ...
  • Negative Body Image. ...
  • Unhealthy Sleep Patterns. ...
  • General Addiction.

What are 3 negative things about Facebook? ›

Three main negative effects that could arise from using Facebook include loss of sleep, depression, and putting one in a dangerous situation. At a quick glance, Facebook may be perceived as an intriguing and enjoyable website, but the addictions that sometimes arise from overuse correlate to fatal effects.

What we should not post on your business Facebook page? ›

While it is might be tempting to comment on controversies on social media, your business should never post anything controversial or divisive on a business page just to stir up comments or reactions. Any political posting or commentary on controversies in the news should be avoided.

Is Facebook good for small business? ›

Facebook can help you magnify brand awareness, find new customers, nurture customer loyalty, increase website traffic, improve sales, and enhance customer service. All it takes is a free business page to get started.

How often should a business page post on Facebook? ›

Therefore, we suggest publishing between two and five times per week on Facebook. Facebook prioritizes “fresh” content and doesn't want to overwhelm users with just one company in their feed. When companies publish more than once per day, their first post can be cannibalized by the second.

Can I run my Facebook business page without a personal account? ›

Are Personal Accounts Required to Create a Business Facebook Page? While a personal Facebook profile is required to create a Facebook business page and to become a Facebook admin, you can avoid creating a personal profile all your friends can search for.

Can I just have a business page on Facebook? ›

A Facebook Business Page is a free opportunity for businesses to increase brand awareness and generate sales on Facebook. To create a Facebook Business Page, simply log into your personal Facebook account, click "Create a Page" from the drop-down menu, and then follow the steps to build out your business profile.

Can I have both a personal and business Facebook account? ›

Facebook is a community where people use their authentic identities. It's against the Facebook Community Standards to maintain more than one personal account. If you want to represent your business, organization, brand or product on Facebook, you can use your personal account to create and manage a Page.

What are the 5 benefits of Facebook? ›

Facebook helps you connect & share with people in your life, You can connect and find your old school friends and college friends, you can connect with your relatives, You can make new friends on Facebook from different areas of the world, You can connect with people by using Facebook chat and the messages.

What are the cons of using Facebook in business? ›

Risks of Using Facebook for business. It takes time to run a Facebook for Business strategy. Daily monitoring is required to reduce the shortcoming. For this, you need to build up your content marketing strategy, target your potential customers, build social marketing strategies, and much more.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook as an advertising medium? ›

The Pros and Cons of Facebook Ads
  • Pro: Target Your Audience. Advertising on Facebook can help make a new audience aware of your medical or dental practice. ...
  • Con: Costs Can Increase. ...
  • Pro: Wider Reach. ...
  • Con: You Only Reach Facebook Users. ...
  • Pro: More Options. ...
  • Con: Less Organic Reach.
Jun 16, 2016

What are 3 negatives of Facebook? ›

Comparison Table for Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook
Useful for marketingCan lead to insecurity and feelings of jealousness
Helps find people with similar interests and preferencesReduces intimacy with family and friends
Stay connectedRisk of identity theft
4 more rows
Apr 18, 2022

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